River Place needs balanced zoning;  Milestone is trying to build too many homes

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This petition is regarding a 42 acre lot adjacent to the River Place neighborhood, at the end of the Milky Way Drive. 

Milestone Builders has applied for a zoning change (C14-2018-0124) that seeks to build 45 homes, with lot sizes that can be less than a quarter acre.  They intend to do this at the back end of Milky Way Drive, which is one of the last buildable areas in the neighborhood.  They won't be immediately joining our home owners association, and so they won't be accountable to the same rules as the rest of the neighborhood.  Traffic from this new development all flows down Milky Way and to the intersection with River Place Blvd.

Please sign this petition if you agree to the following:

·         I am a resident or home owner in River Place neighborhood or otherwise directly affected by this zoning change.

·         I believe that the Milestone zoning change request is unfair as it generates too high of density, that isn’t fully compatible with the existing neighborhood.

·         Overbuilding will create an additional strain on emergency and policy response in an already limited coverage area.

·         River Place must carefully limit growth due to sensitive risks associated with wildfire and other emergencies.   The neighborhood is surrounded on all sides by natural canyon lands, with only a single primary entrance and a single back exit, which already supports over 1000 homes.

·         We’re concerned about the impact of additional traffic.   The exit times from River Place are already high due to traffic light allocation times and increases in commercial growth.

·         We’re concerned about increased safety risk to children who walk to school near this road and impacted intersections.

·         We understand that some development is appropriate, and we support the neighborhood’s position that the zoning be no more dense than what already exists on Milky Way Drive.   Fair zoning would therefore require SF-1 CO that has a minimum lot size of 30,000 sqft. (~ ¾ acre), with a maximum of 25 homes.