Don't kill Achilles the Catahoula Leopard Dog!

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 On December 23, at about 9:30 at night, the apartment door mysteriously opened a few inches... Achilles and his buddy Petey went to check it out while the dog's owner's brother went to shut the door. Suddenly Petey and Achilles are barking, there is screaming and a man and woman who walked directly past the open door were being bitten by the two dogs.

We are not saying this was their fault, but why did the door open? Did the woman's scream scare the dogs? Did Achilles think he had to protect his home from intruders (and Petey too, he allegedly bit the woman's ankle)? Colorado Animal Attorneys founder Juliet Piccone is defending Achilles' owners from the charges and has hired an expert to look into it. Meantime, Christie Hoff, the deputy city attorney for Aurora CO has said Achilles MUST DIE. Why? Because a year ago he allegedly bit an angry man who yelled at his owner to "keep him away!!!" on a walk. There WAS NO BITE, but Achilles owner represented himself in Court (in Aurora) and the judge convicted him. So now the city attorney says he has to die.

We disagree. Aurora specifically amended it's impoundment and dangerous dog law as of 8/31/14 to REMOVE the second bite death requirement. Despite the fact the language is no longer in the ordinance, Christie Hoff LIED about it and when Ms. Piccone called her out, she finally admitted it was changed but she said she didn't care. This is WRONG. This dog should have a chance to be evaluated and rehabilitated. He was frightened and shouldn't be murdered!


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