Ashland City Council: Please do not destroy the tree designated by Ashland residents as Ashland City Tree of the Year.

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City of Ashland Council Members:  Please do not destroy the tree designated by the Residents of Ashland as Ashland City Tree of the Year. 

In a memo dated March 4th, 2014 the City of Ashland stated the following:  "If the Housing Authority acquires the property, the tree (at 380 Clay Street) is likely to be removed, even if it is designated as 'Tree of the Year'. This cottonwood is nearing its natural demise..

Evidently the City of Ashland is ‘again’ looking at removing this beautiful ‘old growth’ tree located at 380 Clay Street.  Ashland City Residents and others throughout the World have petitioned that the City of Ashland values their designation as Tree City USA and preserves this ‘old growth’ tree.  In addition, The Residents of Ashland have voted to declare this tree as Ashland City ‘Tree of the Year’, and the Ashland City Tree Commission unanimously supports saving this tree.

Even though the City of Ashland Memo stated that the tree is nearing its natural demise, the City itself ordered a tree assessment on May 25th, 2013 which stated the following:  “In ideal conditions the Eastern Cottonwood can live 200 to 400 years.  Based on the Estimated age, expected life span and current vigor of the tree I would suggest the tree is around 50% to 80%) of the way through its life span."

We implore you to please acknowledge the wishes of the residents of Ashland, and allow this beautiful, healthy tree to exist and to recognize the following:

- The Tree is Healthy 

- The Tree was voted on by the People of Ashland as Tree of the Year 

- The Ashland Tree Commission supports this tree 

- The City of Ashland ordered a report from Southern Oregon Tree Care Assessment, which stated the Tree was Healthy and can live up to 400 Years 

- The City of Ashland is proclaimed as 'Tree City USA'

Ashland, Oregon is a beautiful community with beautiful people that love, respect and value our trees.  This particular tree is unique.  It has a diameter at breast height of six feet, a crown spread of 70 to 90 feet and is approximately 75’ tall.  This tree is one of the largest trees in Ashland, and is healthy.  Please do not remove it.

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