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Homeless Wellness Facility in Antioch

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People do not choose to be homeless. It is a product of poor decisions and unfortunate events.

We continue to ask questions about the problem...

  1. 'Why are they homeless?'
  2. 'Are they on drugs?'
  3. 'Why can't they just get a job?'

We should be asking questions about a solution instead.

Antioch is a beautiful city with beautiful people. I have lived here for 20 years and want nothing more than a healthy loving community for us all.

I am petitioning the City of Antioch to build a Homeless Wellness Facility. This facility will shelter the needy, provide healthy meals and teach them about emotional and mental well-being. The physical bodies are most visible but the pain and suffering stems from a much deeper hurt. One that we cannot see, rather feel.

Schools teach us math, science, grammar.... Who teaches us how to pick ourselves back up when we are down? Who teaches us how to heal a broken heart? Who teaches us how to find the silver lining? Who teaches us how to calm down when emotions are intense? Who teaches us how to help those in need?

We are all compassionate human beings. Time to start acting like it.

I will personally lead the wellness facility program.

Thank you for your support and your share.

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