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Facing Homelessness in Antioch. GET HOMELESS SHELTERS IN ANTIOCH!!!

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Homelessness in our city is not only getting worst but is the worst in the entire east bay. There is one shelter in the city that is full and the waiting list is about 6 months long. We need resources to help our brothers and sisters out there on our streets. I started the organization Facing Homelessness in Antioch in January 2017. We go out and feed the homeless weekly. Making sure they eat not only really good meals, but filling meals. We talk with the people and get to know them and their stories. We also provide donated jacket, clothing, toiletries, blankets, tents, and dog food for those who have animals. We have celebrated birthdays, surprised a couple with a hotel, dinner and breakfast, have given haircuts, and even provided flowers and had a small memorial for one of our friends who passed away on our streets.

We do family and friend searches for people wanting to get in touch with their family and friends. Providing writing utensils, paper and stamps to those who would like to write letters. We provide books for them to check out and read.

I created this group to bring awareness to those living in our city of Antioch that are without shelter and other basic needs. But with the funding that we have we can only do so much and are wanting to do so much more.

We are not only requesting but are begging the City of Antioch to either build a facility where the homeless can have shelter, food, mental health and rehabilitation programs or open up one of the many available abandoned buildings downtown. An organized place where they can take showers and learn how to get back on their feet. A safe place where they can focus on bettering their lives and have time to focus on getting jobs and homes because they have the time to. They wont have to spend every minute of the day just trying to survive  getting robbed, harassed, assaulted, finding food and water, finding a place to just sit down or sleep without getting arrested or told to have to move everything they own somewhere else, or having a heat stroke in 103 degree heat or freezing in the pouring rain.

Please sign this petition if you want to see change in our city. If you want to stop seeing our people out there on the streets with no hope and no help get into a facility that can help them get off our streets. So that all of the trash and garbage collected on our streets from those who just dont have anywhere to go to put their belongings get cleaned up for good.

There are "no panhandling" signs around the city, asking to give to local charities when there are no real charities to give to that would help out the homeless, especially those without a vehicle to get there. Lets have a place where you will be able to give an know its really going towards helping the poor. A place where the people there will be working to contribute for staying there by cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc. A safe place, where they can get cleaned up for a job interview.

I will also be going around on our streets and asking people to sign this petition as well. I will, along with other volunteers help to organize and help run the facility. Its time to face homelessness and do something about it.

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