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Adopt a Compassionate Use Resolution

In the City of Antioch and far East Bay we have a huge market of severely and extremely disabled people that need safe access to their medicine. As per the 2nd District Court of Appeals has ruled, a municipality can not ban medical cannabis dispensaries as Antioch has. The court went on to state a total ban of cannabis dispensaries is Unconstitutional.
These patients have a right to obtain safe access to their medicine, as seen with the Duly Enacted Law of the People of the State of California with Prop 215 which was supported by over 80% of the public and has grown in support since then! These businesses also have been proven to decrease crime due to security measures and provide local economic development.
So take a stand, make your voice heard and help us get the City of Antioch to adopt a resolution to tax, regulate, limit, and zone these law abiding non- profit businesses!

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