Meet and discuss TASL alternatives with the homeless it affects.

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TASL engages in SIT IN and refuse to leave.

�️�️�️�️CURRENT ACTION underway at TASL in Aberdeen. ✊✊�✊�✊�✊�✊�Residents of the Aberdeen homeless community, radical and faith communities, and more are staging a SIT IN demanding to have a collective seat at the table in any decision the city makes about TASL alternatives. �We delivered our petition to the City. Now we will wait for the city to respond and come to the table. They will not simply clear the people out with a notice to vacate this time. With no other options available, where else are people to go? ��CRMAN is down here with food, snacks, drinks, 'know your rights' literature, come join us when you can to support the community. All are welcome. We need people to join the SIT IN but there's also a huge need for people simply observing and documenting, bringing supplies, offering care, emailing and calling the city, etc. ⛺Food, drinks, tents, tarps are needed as the city will be taking all the tents from people as well. #HousingNotHandcuffs #HousingIsAHumanRight #WhereToPete #CRMAN #MutualAid #WeTakeCareOfUs #WereAllWeNeed #SolidarityNotCharity #SeattleProtests #SeattleProtest #SeattleProtestComms #SeattleProtestNetwork

Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network
10 months ago