Safer Roads For Jacksboro Texas (Jack County)

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The past few months the community has experienced losses in which many feel could have been prevented. Road signs are not what they should be or properly placed for better and appropriate traffic response. Roadsides are not properly upkept routinely for visibility for drivers. Speeds entering in town should be slowed entering in town instead of slowing down once in town. To new drivers, truck drivers, visitors, ext. The speeds are hazardous. Signs are hazardous. Our younger adults need to be better educated in road safety. Driving and walking. Flashing lights offered possibly by law enforcement or fire fighter stations. Road conditions also need to be corrected. Many have hydro plained do to unseen low spots in the road, hit a lot of pot holes and veered off the road, blew a tire ext. Point of the matter is our roads need to be managed and changed appropriately. Our community leaders need to stand up and do something to fix these matters before another life is lost. Set an example for other cities that have also had similar losses. So that we can be an example of hope. Change. An in the end preserve lives. Our community wants someone to step forward and say "We will better our home, our community, and in God's name will do our best to prevent as much as we can, anymore lives to be lost on the highway." 


I may not know all the right words to say here. I have nothing but I am a mother, a human being and a member of this community. And I pray someone hears our pleas. 


Megan Kelsey

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