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Take Back Our Debates - SJD6

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San Jose's District 6 will hold it's first election in a decade that does not include an incumbent. The City has authorized the use of public funds for public debates, but incumbent, Pierlugi Oliverio has chosen to take full control of the process in determining his successor. He has demanded that campaigns submit to questions and deadlines, has excluded all SJD6 residents from the process, intends to collect and distribute information that (in his eyes) is important and moderate the debates. The residents of SJD6 have no role in how the process of choosing new leadership is presented during city funded events.

As people concerned with creating a fair and balanced SJD6 election process we demand:

  • Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio immediately cease using his office to ask candidates to "vote" or submit any information, cease collating information, cease collecting information and stop trying to manipulate the information candidates are willing to provide through his demands. 
  • The process of physically organizing the debates be turned over to a neutral office (City Manager) immediately and a staff member designated and identified to handle these events.
  • The SJD6 Neighborhood Leadership Group, business associations and the Neighborhood Commissioners should be consulted regarding debate formatting or focus (i.e. parks, traffic, budget). 
  • Neutral parties (.e. League of Women Voters) should be contacted to moderate the debates, set ground rules and act as the organizing body. 

Residents of SJD6 have been proudly supportive of the people who rise from neighborhood leadership to run for elected office. We are just as proud of the fact that we have worked together, in a collaborative method, to ensure that we support all of our candidates and campaigns by coordinating debates and forums, avoiding conflicts and securing moderators who are either neutral (i.e. League of Women Voters) or represent a group of residents from multiple neighborhoods. Filtering all debates through one person, no matter who it is, is not acceptable.

These are our tax dollars.

These are our debates.

These are our elections.

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