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Ask King, NC City Council to keep the skatepark and make it safe again!

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The skatepark in King has been a place for skateboarders, scooter riders and bmx bike riders to go, where they can safely participate in their sport and activity within the King city limits. Children, teens and adults of all ages come here after school, after work and on the weekends, days off, etc. Unfortunately, the skatepark was vandalized by other teens (Graffiti, trash and broken glass) and the city responded by closing the park and taking it away from those that depend on this public space daily as their outlet. 

Equipment that has broken down by normal wear and tear and lack of regular maintenance were labeled as "vandalized" as well. 

It appears that the City Council has given up on these kids. They seem to have written them off. They have not taken the time to get to know any of the many skaters that frequent this park nor have they attempted understand the positive and critical role that skating plays in their physical and mental health. 

Not every child or teen or young adult has a healthy home to go to every day.,.. these kids need a safe outlet and place to spend their energy and time.

Not every child makes the football team or basketball team... these kids need a sport and activity that gives them time outside with physical activity.  

Not every child fits in at school... these kids need a place that is inclusive and accepts you for your differences... skateboarding is all about being yourself and expressing your individuality. 

Where will they go and what will they do? They need their space, just like the soccer team needs their soccer field and the baseball team need their field. This place makes a real difference in their daily life.

My daughter has autism. She never made the tennis team and was never asked to participate in sleepovers. She felt different everywhere she went. Her depression was unbearable and she became suicidal. This past April she asked me if I would buy her a skateboard and begged me to let her skate. I admit that I was apprehensive. She had never been able to really participate in a sport so I decided that we were going to give it a try. 

What we found was so beyond what I ever expected. She was accepted! This group supports her like no other. I was prepared to find an unhealthy environment for my daughter, and instead found other kids that will spend an hour teaching a 12yr old beginner how to go down a ramp. This is all she has. They are all she has and now that is gone. We travel 30-40 minutes daily to another park in another city for her to skate when we have a park in our own town. Skating is literally the difference between being ok and feeling hopeless for her, this is a MUST HAVE for her. 

Not only do we need the city manager and city council to open the park back up, we need it expanded and repaired to safely accommodate the growing need in our city!

Please sign this petition and let the City Council in King, NC know that these kids are OUR kids and they are just as worthy of having a safe place as any other child in our city!

 If you are able to offer any additional ideas, help with  skatepark plans/design pricing etc or can help promote this cause in any way please feel free to contact me

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