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KEEP The Vampire Diaries Filming in Covington, GA

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Currently The Vampire Diaries as well as many other films flock to Covington, Ga on a regular basis in order to film tv shows and movies. To a small town like Covington this means tourism. Last year alone The Vampire Diaries increased the city of Covington's revenue by a vast amount of money. To a small town and its businesses that means JOBS it also means that their doors stay open due to all the people that frequent their businesses. Tourism does not mean just one thing, please remember that every tourist stays at local hotels, they eat at local restaurants, they buy gas at our stores and visit our local visitors center and take tours to the sets of their favorite shows. If the chance to catch filming was not so high then many of these fans would not come to Covington, Ga. Filming also means that local residents have jobs. Many local people work on the sets of TVD, they work as crew and they work as extras. Any home owners that are effected by filming schedules or equipment are compersated so those home owners losing TVD filming is loss of revenue and lively hoods for them as well. Many fans have become residents, yes they have actually moved here just because they love to watch The Vampire Diaries film and they want to be close to it more often. Filming in our community is a privelege. No ONE person should have a say so that effects locals residents when it comes to filming. Filming times and issues that arise due to filming should always be a MAJORITY VOTE! Being a camera ready community is a big deal and we should act accordingly by working hard to keep the filming here and by not making it harder for them to do what they need to do their jobs. We Want Vampire Diaries and other films to come and film in our community. We are proud of our community and want you as our local goverment to be as well.

SIGN: If you live in Covington or if you have or will visit Covington ONLY because Vampire DIaries films here. Or to watch filming for any other movie or tv show filming. Make it known that you visit us because you want to see where TVD films. Show the local goverment you care about Covington because this is the home of your favorite show. 

You can also call or write them directly at : (we encourage you to do so)

 Steve Horton  City of Covington

P.O. Box 1527

Covington, GA 30015

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