Keep me with my family. (Allow Potbelly Pigs in city of Menomonie Wi)

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We are trying to change the city codes. Right now they are stating farm animals including pigs are not allowed to be raised or kept within city limits . We are trying to update the code to exclude potbelly pigs in this general pig term as potbelly pigs are considered as pets not farm animals or livestock . Potbelly pigs are just as smart as dogs if not smarter. They play. The bark they eat dog food or pig pellets. They listen well and understand can do tricks and most important have loving caring personalities .We can smile be happy and also cry.  We can be taught to use a litterbox like cats. We can be small some being upto 50 lbs and 18 inches tall. Others depending on breed can be bigger upto 100 lbs . We make great companions we also help relieve stress. We make great family members and other communities in many cities and states have updated the city codes to exclude us from the ban within city limits

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