REMOVE the hanging tree in Brooksville

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It's clear there is a problem today in society. Racism is still, and will forever be a 'thing'. Unfortunately.  Although there are nasty people out there , there are some good ones as well. There have been tons of peaceful protests, as well as violent. To keep the town of hernando county more content, and peaceful. I am creating this petition to remove the old hanging tree in front of the courthouse. This is a monument ,yes. But it stands for something we are beyond, something we are trying to overcome ! There are still rope Mark's on the tree , where people were hung many years ago. The people of this town should not have to look at that everyday in memorial of such a disgusting time! With the police brutality and the racism, the destroying of properties. O feel the removal of this tree will in turn keep the citizens of hernando county peaceful. The removal will show our city, DOES NOT support the racism in the community. So in this petition,  I'm asking everyone to please sign, your signature just shows you support the cause, and removal of the old tree. Other trees can also be planted in its place with the help of the community.  Thank you for your Time! Be blessed.