The eviction of the residents of 724 Homewood Avenue along with the house being boarded up

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For two years and going, the house two doors down from me has become a drug/prostitution house. There is constant traffic in and out at all hours. Screaming and fighting outside for all to hear. Girls wearing barely any clothes walking around outside. People high on different drugs carrying on and acting like fools. They are constantly stealing things from my yard down to the tin roof off of my dog house (nothing's safe) My 11 year old son found a heroin needle in our yard and brought it to me. Just last night (5-17-2017) there were four over doses within 15 minutes. (This happens all the time) two of the persons are in CCU today. The ZPD and Sheriffs department are there at least twice a week and always with the same outcome.... they may take away one person for a warrant or possession, but the traffic, drug sales, theft, and prostitution continues every day. In February of last year they threatened to shut the house down due to the number of calls the police had received on the residence in less than a years time... that number was 88 and I can only imagine what it is now over a year later. I have lived in my home for almost 11 years and I do not feel that I should be the one that needs to move away to get away from what's happening. My children should not have to witness this illegal activity going on daily. They should not have to hear/see people screaming and fighting... or find needles in our yard, they should not have to witness a man snort powder up his nose off the rail on the back porch. There are days (at least 5 out of 7) where there is so much traffic that I cannot even park in my parking spot in front of my house. Something needs to be done. This house needs to be boarded up, not just for the safety and well being of my children and family, but for the whole neighborhood.  The homeowner needs to be held responsible for continuing to allow this to happen. Please sign this petition to have the house deemed a nuisance, so we can get it boarded up. This will be sent to Zanesville City Hall for the Mayor to review. Thank you! 

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