New, rebuilt, improved and/or relocated skatepark in Dinuba, CA

New, rebuilt, improved and/or relocated skatepark in Dinuba, CA

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Why this petition matters

Started by MrZombie YT

Making this change will greatly support the skateboarding community. It may not be big but it will grow if there is more to do. It might even welcome people from around the area to the skating/BMX/Scooter community.

The reason I care so much is because our current skatepark is very small and not that well designed. I think one of the biggest things that will impact the community will be making the skatepark bigger, adding more obstacles, adding a pool or a bowl and maybe even a halfpipe.

Skating/skateboarding/bmx are not traditional sports supported by schools or clubs in the area which makes it harder for people to get introduced into the sport. It can introduce a welcoming community where people can learn how to skate.

As many skatepark enthusiasts travel between different areas to visit new more impressive parks, it could potentially bring in a little more revenue. While the city has done a good job of providing spaces for other outdoor activities, it could use a better/bigger space for young people to skate and could create various activities for the youth. 

Most of the skaters in this area visit different places and neighboring cities to skate. I feel like making this change will bring more attention and help people feel better about skating.

48 have signed. Let’s get to 50!