The City’s lack of prioritizing the importance of Oahu’s Lifeguards

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I started this petition to help my brother in Ocean Safety. Thanks to everyones support and communication with my higher ups I’ve found out a few answers to my questions, regarding Chris Kam’s options with the City and also some other rather disheartening news.
Chris has a decision to make which I’m respectfully not sharing on social media, as it’s between him and our employer.
All of the conversations with my superiors led me to a couple of things the public needs to know. In recent months not only did the City put a hiring freeze on Ocean Safety’s ability to start a new recruit class, knowing that work industrials were at an all time high, overtime Is being utilized multiple days a week, beach towers are operating understaffed, forcing lieutenants or mobile responders to stand by towers so beach guards are able to take their training breaks. We also lost a couple of phenomenal watermen & women to The Fire Department during the past couple months as well. The City then decided Instead of filing those positions with personnel, knowing Ocean Safetys situation and how important our role is to public, they absorbed the funds to save money.
Our safety as lifeguards is not being prioritized with our employers. Not allowing Ocean Safety officials to hire more employees or to help use ones such as Chris, is detrimental for everyone. Many of my coworkers, including myself are overworked because we care about our partners and the public. There is extra stress being put on us knowing that instead of having three men in the tower there’s only two and the amount of people coming to the beach is ever growing.
The men and women I work beside love their jobs, being able to help someone is priceless. No mater the conditions or the lack of personnel and equipment we will continue to give 100% aloha and effort to each other and the public.
Mahalo for all of the support, we greatly appreciate it.