Allow two backyard chickens as pets.

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Bylaw No: 2400-2014  States that Backyard chickens are not permitted in City Zoning RS3.

Our families belief is that  our two hens should be considered pets.  Frankie and Pheobe were just days old when we adopted them as our pets.  They lived in our house as they matured but now live in an outside enclosure, one similar to our bunnies.  Daily these girls are held and out in the yard with us and our other pets, including our two dogs.   Our hens are very friendly and people orientated and like to come and visit us in the kitchen when the patio door opens.

We believe that small-scale chicken keeping is a healthy, economic, and sustainable way to feed and enrich our families and our community. Besides making great pets, hens provide us with fresh eggs and encourage local sustainable living. The ability to raise chickens also offers educational opportunities for our children and the responsibility of care taking.  We have high standards of cleanliness, cleaning their home weekly and believe that chickens do not make more sounds than birds in nature or a dog barking.   Since owning chickens for over a year we have not witnessed rodents in our yard or chicken enclosure.  

As you would with your own pet, our family has all become attached to our chickens and they are part of the family.   The idea of re homing these pets is very upsetting.