Change Exotic Animal Bylaw-: Windsor

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This petition is to show the support for housing exotic reptiles and to prove that we want change without fear of punishment.

We wish to allow snakes under 7ft to be permitted as pets.  In addition, reptiles under 5ft.  The animals would be kept in proper locked enclosures to ensure the safety of others.  All the animals would have to be registered to the City of Windsor (like a dog licence) and we propose that they be issued either a microchip, tattoo or tag.  This will ensure that all exotic animals are properly kept and maintained; those that are not will be identifiable.  

I am the Owner of DC Exotic Reptiles in Tecumseh, ON.  We wish to provide our local retail market with the opportunity to purchase these beautiful creatures without the fear that their pets will be taken and the owners be fined.  These are docile creatures that have a negative stigma surrounding them which needs to be cured.  

Allow us to educate people on various species so that they may bring their new pet into their home to love.  As some people may love dogs; we LOVE reptiles.  They are easy to keep, easy to feed, easy to maintain and most of all, they can become the best companions a person may ever find.