Confirmed victory

American Pit Bull Terriers are sadly put down everyday. This wonderful breed of dog is labeled as aggressive; when in fact they are one of the most lovable breeds of dog. They are smart and courageous, serving our country and our people. City councilman Glenn Green is clearly singling out this breed of dog. The owners of these dogs are respectful members of society and should not be forced to get a license to own their dogs, or take out extra insurance. This discrimination needs to be stopped before it causes more wonderful, loyal dogs to be put to death. Please help end this BSL in Westwego!

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Letter to
City Councilman Glenn Green, Westwego City Council
Council member Ted Munch
Mayor John I. Shaddinger, Jr.
Please stop trying to pass a Pit Bull ordinance. This wonderful breed is misjudged and the owners should not be treated any different than other dog breed owners. Even when these dogs are abused and mistreated they still are sweet and trustworthy of people. They deserve to be treated just like any other breed. This ordinance will cause people to move away from your city, because we as animals lovers and American Pit Bull Terrier owners will not give up our beloved pet or have special licenses and insurance to live in your city.

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