Terrebonne closure

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We, the residents of the NDG-CDN borough, strongly believe that eliminating all parking on Avenue Terrebonne in order to create bike lanes is a terrible idea.

While we are in favour of ensuring that the roads can be safely used by all commuters, whether on a bike or in a car, there must be a better and more balanced approach to reach that goal. Removing the parking from both sides of the street would be a HUGE change impacting the whole community, especially those residents who live on Terrebonne and do not have a driveway on their property where their car can be safely parked. 

Although the borough council says consultations were held on the topic, multiple Terrebonne residents whose lives would be directly affected and made complicated by extremely reduced parking say that no one from the borough ever contacted them. This begs two questions: who did the borough actually consult if not the residents who would be directly affected by virtue of living on Terrebonne; and how can we be sure that this proposed change will truly ‘benefit everyone’ if not everyone was consulted and given the opportunity to share their thoughts?

There is not enough parking on perpendicular streets crossing Terrebonne to hold all the cars that will have to park elsewhere should the proposed Terrebonne changes go ahead. Furthermore, there are specific days and times where parking on certain streets is not allowed because of twice-a-week street cleaning. This situation has become even more complicated because of ongoing pipe replacement work where entire blocks are totally closed to traffic and parking, thus eliminating them from the pool of potential spots.

This is a time of increased stress due to the covid-19 pandemic, and the borough should be looking for ways to alleviate that stress instead of adding to it. With so many people working from home due to the pandemic, there is even less car movement on and off the street because fewer people are driving to work. Without parking on Terrebonne, residents will be constantly competing for fewer parking spots, stressing over whether they will receive parking tickets, as well as contributing to increasing carbon emissions due to circling the block looking for that elusive parking space.  

We are extremely disappointed in the lack of leadership from our city councillors. At the very least, there should have been consultation and transparency before moving ahead with such a project. We would like to see the project halted until residents can be properly canvassed for their opinions on the removal of all street parking. Furthermore, we would like to see studies carried out to prove that eliminating all parking along Terrebonne would have a positive benefit to the entire community. As it stands, this change seems to only benefit cyclists while punishing local car owners.