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Vote "No!" to approving the ordinances necessary to execute a contract between the City of San Angelo and Republic Waste Services of Texas, Ltd. (Republic Services).

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We encourage you to execute a month-to-month agreement for waste services until all pending legal matters are resolved with Republic Services, and at that time, reissue a new, better written Request For Proposals (RFP) that encourages dialog with all applicants to determine the best, most cost efficient waste disposal and recycling service for our citizens. 

Besides asking the Council to support local businesses, let it be known that this petition is not supporting one company or their staff over another.  We are asking for fair processess and practical business practices, as well as asking for all to adhere to ethical practices.  

Here's why this petition was started:


#1: The City will be awarding a contract valued at around $400 million over 10-years and the selection committee did not take the time to listen to presentations, nor did City officials ever ask questions of Texas Disposal Systems staff until minutes before the final vote to accept the negotiated contract with Republic. That's not fair and that's not a smart, practical business practice.  


#2:  It matters how the Request For Proposal is specifically written. Gag-ordering Texas Disposal Systems such that they cannot offer suggestions to streamline waste services is not fair and it is not smart, practical business practice.


#3: TDS was founded and is operated by two San Angelo natives who grew up in our city. Republic Services is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  If at all possible, we want the City Council to select local businesses! 


#4:  Republic Services IS NOT in legal good standing with our community.  You, the City Council, are giving away our leverage to force Republic to pay our local businesses back.  Signing an agreement with legal issues pending is a highly irregular business practice and is putting the citizens that you were elected to protect, at risk of not being able to collect the fees owed to us! 


#5 Republic Services officials have in fact offered at least some council members a perk or perks. Some members have refused, but at least one member has publicly been seen with a Republic official playing golf on the same team just days before the final vote to accept the Republic contract with the City. While no member may have been asked to vote one way or another, there is an implied obligation to vote in favor of Republic when accepting perks.  It is a fact that the same council member did speak very positively in support of Republic and voted to approve the contract.  This is not ethical and we do not approve of this practice.  


#6 Our citizens want recycling services to start this year; not by February 1, 2016.  That is too long to initiate recycling services.  


#7 It is not advantageous to the Citizens of San Angelo to carryover Republic's prior liabilities into the new contract.  Doing so discourages companies from applying and it raises proposed rates to cover Republic's liabilities.  


YOU can make your voice heard by every city council member by signing this petition.  


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