Implement Transparent Communication in Policing

Implement Transparent Communication in Policing

April 14, 2021
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Started by Jordan Spencer

Lack of communication & transparency between communities and police has lead to civil unrest and a disconnect between the general public and the officers that serve them. Know Your Force helps to bridge that gap.

Through our platform citizens can provide feedback immediately after every single interaction with a police officer. This includes rating the interaction on a 1-5 scale, as well as being able to leave specific critiques or positive comments (just like leaving a review at a restaurant).  

This process does several things for citizens:

  1. A safe place to voice concerns or compliments for specific officers
  2. Every community is different. By giving feedback to your local department, they will be better trained to handle your communities specific needs
  3. Know Your Force is the quickest and easiest way to have a voice in your local police department. You no longer have to go through the lengthy process of filing a claim

This will improve the level of policing in communities by doing the following:

  1. Your feedback will be seen by someone who has authority to make real change happen
  2. Negative reviews will lead to further investigation (review of body cam footage, chat with officer involved, call citizen who completed survey)
  3. Specific training can be applied to problematic areas foreseen through the surveys
  4. Departments will be able to recognize early warning signs in officers and prevent further problems

If you want to increase transparency and communication in YOUR community, sign this petition. We'll then take this directly to the Chief of Police, City manager, and City Council of your city! 

For questions, please email us at

Petition Closed

This petition had 167 supporters

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