Bring Back Block Parents To Thunder Bay Ontario!

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What is a Block Parent?
The Block Parent Program is a large, volunteer-based, child safety and crime prevention program operating across Canada. Participants in the program (Block Parents) place signs on their home indicating that the house is a police-screened, safe home for community members in distress, particularly children. If someone is in need of help and sees a Block Parent sign, they know there is someone home who can help them and call the appropriate emergency service if necessary.

Why is this important?
We believe this is important because it could help prevent people out in the neighbourhood falling into danger. If there were people willing to open up their doors to people dealing with distress in our streets a Block Parent would make the neighbourhood a safer place. Block parents in Thunder Bay can help out anybody who is being abducted etc and needs somewhere to run too. Instead of running away aimlessly they'd have somewhere safe to turn to knowing our recent terrifying crimes happening here in Thunder Bay.

What is the situation?
The streets of Thunder Bay haven't always been the safest place for people to be. Although, it's simply impossible to make people stay inside their homes 24/7 in order to feel safe. Block Parents have disappeared over the years when everything became more scarier and people became more afraid. Therefore, they need to bring it back! People need to feel a sense of security when they are walking in the streets by having somewhere to come to if needed.

Who We Are?
We are very concerned citizens who care about all people wandering the neighbourhoods daily. With all the crime happening recently here in Thunder Bay it is difficult not to be afraid. 

What we want to see change!
We'd like to see more volunteers (Block Parents) brought to Thunder Bay. We can't be the only worried and concerned citizens for all people with the recent crimes. It will be a great change to see at least one person per street with a block parent sign, willing to open up their doors for a person in need.