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Petitioning Mayor of St. Joseph Bill Faulkner and the City Council of St. Joseph, Mo. and 8 others

City Council of St. Joseph, Mo.: Not enter into the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Krug Park.

Krug Park is a family oriented park deeded to the City of St. Joseph by Henry Krug. We as the citizens of St. Joseph have dozens of unanswered questions and concerns that have not been addressed in this development plan, and the City Council should not enter into any agreements with developers, binding or not, until the plan has been fully determined and made available to the public and those concerns are answered and resolved. This is a public park centered in a residential neighborhood, and the plan as described would make major changes to the park, shifting its focus from a family park to a concert venue with alcohol sales. Issues that have not yet been resolved are: noise control to the neighboring residences, the destruction of nature trails to create the new parkway extension, parking for upwards of 25,000 people, overturning the deed of Henry Krug to allow alcohol sales, traffic issues to the park and through the park for the public, how the paying concert goers will be separated from the free open access to the park by the public, locations of ticket booths and souvenir stands, segregation of alcohol consumption from under age park visitors, crowd control and security, among many other issues. It is too early to enter into any agreements while these issues have not been addressed. We ask the City Council to not sign this Memorandum of Understanding until these questions and concerns are debated and resolved, and that the public be allowed a seat at the table for further discussion about developing our Krug Park.

Letter to
Mayor of St. Joseph Bill Faulkner and the City Council of St. Joseph, Mo.
City Council Byron Myers
City Council Jeff Penland
and 6 others
City Council Donna Jean Boyer
City Council Pat Jones
City Council Joyce Starr
City Council P. J. Kovac
City Council Gary Roach
City Council Barbara LaBass
We respectfully request the City Council of St. Joseph Mo. does not enter into any agreements or Memorandums of Understanding with any developers at this time, and until a full plan has been developed and is able to be reviewed by the citizens of St. Joseph, and the questions and concerns of the citizens can be answered and resolved.

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