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On May 15th 2018 the Redondo Beach City Council will be making a decision that will either give the people of the South Bay the freedom of choice or take that freedom away. The decision at hand is whether or not to allow pre-existing standup paddleboard outfitters that have brick and mortar businesses outside the harbor vicinity (ie: Olympus Board Shop in Torrance, DivenSurf in Redondo Beach and Nikaukai in Manhattan Beach) to continue to offer their SUP services to YOU the great people of the community with permission and paid permits to utilize the public dock in the Redondo Marina.

Olympus Board Shop has been in business in the South Bay since 1998 offering snowboard, surf, skateboard, and kayak equipment. Our reputation for offering the best customer service in town is well known throughout the community and can be seen on Yelp and other review platforms. In 2007 we became the first business to offer the sport of standup paddleboarding (SUP) to the South Bay,
one of the first in California in fact. In 2007 we would launch students off the beach which was too challenging for newcomers. With the safety and well-being of our patrons in mind we began utilizing the Redondo Marina in 2008 at which time we established a relationship with the Harbor Patrol to ensure that we were operating with the highest level of safety standards and in complete compliance with the rules and requirements of the Harbor Patrol. Being the first SUP outfit in town we strived to set the bar for others to follow. Our goal was to pave the way for others, and in doing so guarantee that the sport could continue to grow in a healthy and responsible way. When Tarsan SUP, DivenSurf and NikauKai began offering SUP activities in 2010 we quickly befriended them. It was easy as they are all watermen, ocean minded kindred spirits and fellow paddlers. We did not look at each other as competition but mutual ambassadors to the sports that we all love, and we all refer customers to eachother for various needs.
We support them as we do all the other businesses that rely on the ocean and the harbor for their livelihood. We understand what it’s like to run a brick and mortar shop as we ourselves have done for 20 years. We have sent thousands of customers to Pollys on the Pier, Joe’s Crab Shack, Ruby’s Diner, Najas, R10, Captain Kids, Fast Kayaks, South Bay Sailing, Marina Bike Rentals, and many other businesses in the harbor vicinity.

In 2014 a new shop opened on the Redondo Beach International Boardwalk.
The owner had no paddling experience and was solely interested in profiting from the rapidly growing sport of SUP. After 4 years of developing a terrible reputation in the harbor, repeatedly insulting and offending other local businesses, deceiving his clientele time after time, and even assaulting a local business owner and captain of an established and popular commercial fishing vessel adjacent to his business , he is now campaigning to have the city shut down safe and established operations like Olympus Board Shop and others. The owner of Paddle House is trying to manipulate the community and the city council into believing that allowing us to operate threatens all brick and mortar businesses. What he is really after is to eliminate competition, to create a monopoly and to take away your right to choose a better and safer option. His claims regarding his concern for other businesses in the harbor are bold faced lies. He even went as far as running illegal charters from his boat without proper permits, completely disrespecting other charter boats in the Redondo Marina and disregarding Coast Guard regulations. His actions show zero respect for the law and zero concern for the community and neighboring businesses.

Olympus Board Shop has been utilizing the Redondo Marina for over a decade. In that time we have watched other brick and mortar businesses with good business ethics thrive and serve the community. We have partnered with them and provided new customers through our SUP program that, prior to being introduced to standup paddling, did not frequent the harbor. We have developed relationships with them. Long before Paddle House existed Olympus Board Shop brought life and new vigor into the marina.

On May 15th the City Council will be meeting to finalize their decision. We would greatly appreciate it if you can help spread the word, rally your friends, and show up to say a few words on our behalf. Olympus Board Shop has devotedly served the great people of Redondo Beach and the entire South Bay for 20 years. Your efforts could make the difference in whether or not Olympus Board Shop stays in business. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION IN FAVOR OF ALLOWING PERMITS FOR ESTABLISHED SUP OPERATORS TO CONTINUE TO OPERATE. DON’T ALLOW BULLIES WITH DEEP POCKETS TO CALL THE SHOTS!!!

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