Deny Special Exception Appl. P16-034; Don't Allow Tower Proliferation in Residential Areas

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The Midport 7th Day Adventist Church intends to build a 150' radio broadcasting and cell phone monopole  tower located at 1800 SW Veterans Parkway.

We, the undersigned, represent citizens opposed to the placement of a 150-foot monopole communications tower on the grounds of the Midport 7th Day Adventist Church located at 1800 SE Veterans Memorial Parkway, Port St. Lucie Florida. We feel the numerous long-term impacts of a communications tower on neighborhoods, wildlife and individuals has been studied and proven to be detrimental. As such, we feel the need to process with extreme caution and wish to prevent a communications tower from being constructed in a long standing residential area populated by families, children and wildlife.

We wish to see this project halted for reasons including, but not limited to the following;

Diminished Property Values and Aesthetics

Recent independent studies by licensed PhD industry experts reveal the effect of proximity to a cell phone tower reduces real estate values by 15% on average. Additional real estate analysis studies conducted by different industry experts reveals up to a 21% decrease in property values after the construction of a communication tower located adjacent to residential properties. 

The 150' (15 stories tall) monopole is intrusive, incompatible, and alters the character of the adjacent neighborhoods and nearby parks.

Health Hazards, Especially for Children

According to a 2007 study of the neurobehavioral effects among inhabitants around mobile phone base stations, "the prevalence of neuropsychiatric complaints as headache (23.5%), memory changes (28.2%), dizziness (18.8%), tremors (9.4%), depressive symptoms (21.7%), and sleep disturbance (23.5%) were significantly higher among exposed inhabitants than controls.".

While the Telecommunications Act of 1996 may prohibit challenges of “undesirable health effects,” other countries and various communities in the United States have banned or are banning cell towers near schools and residential areas because of the hazards they pose to humans, and especially children. While there are many conflicting studies showing or disproving the link between long-term adverse health effects and RF (radio frequency) exposure, we feel it is best to err on the side of safety when considering the placement of such towers.


We strongly feel the Midport 7th Day Adventist Church should be required to find a more appropriate location and utilize alternative solutions.


The concerned impacted residents, homeowners, and others who have voluntarily signed this petition.


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