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Increase Dog Limits in Lakewood, CA

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*** Please only sign if you are a resident of Lakewood, CA. ***

The City of Lakewood, California, currently limits each residence to two (2) dogs and two (2) cats over the age of four months. They may not be combined or adjusted to allow a resident to have more of one species in lieu of the other. 

Lakewood set these limits in 1958. Although in 1992, ordinance 92-9 defined a "kennel" as any place where more than four dogs or cats are kept, the 1958 zoning code section (9320) restricting residences to two dogs and two cats still stands. A lot has changed since 1958. 

These limits are the lowest in the County of Los Angeles. On average, most cities in the the County of Los Angeles allow three (3) dogs per residence. The city of Palmdale limits residences to two (2) dogs, but will grant excess animal permits to allow residents to have additional dogs. Inglewood (pop density: 12,330) is the only other city in Los Angeles County that only allows two dogs. 

~ The County of Los Angeles currently allows four (4) dogs and five (5) cats, having just recently increased the dog limit from the previous limit of three. Pop. density: 7,068/sq. mile

~ The city of Los Angeles allows three (3) animals and is increasing their cat limits to five (5). Pop. density: average 8,200/sq. mile, with some neighborhoods having a density of as much as 42,000/sq. miles.

~ The city of Long Beach allows four (4) adult animals (dogs or cats). Pop. density: 8,882/sq. mile

~ Other cities surrounding Lakewood (pop. density: 8,348/sq. mile):

Hawaiian Gardens- Limits: 3 dogs/5 cats; pop. density: 15,141/sq. mile
Bellflower- Limits: 3 dogs and/or 3 cats; pop. density: 11,756/sq. mile
Paramount- Limits: 3 dogs and/or 3 cats; pop. density: 11,395/sq. mile
Artesia- Limits: 3 dogs/5 cats; pop. density 10,036/sq. mile
Cypress - Limits: 4 dogs/4 cats; pop. density: 7,300/sq. mile
Cerritos- Limits: 3 dogs/5 cats; pop. density: 5,851/sq. mile

Many residents in the city of Lakewood have more than two dogs. Either the excess dogs are not licensed, or worse, none of the dogs are licensed. Increasing the limits would allow more revenue for the city through the licensing of all dogs; ensure public health and safety through enforcement of rabies control laws; and better accountability for the animals located within the city. 

Additionally, allowing for additional animals may help decrease the impounds of animals to SEAACA for residents unaware of the limit that may have to give up their excess animals.

Although SEAACA claims a live release rate of 82%, they are employing a common tactic of declaring that 41% of all impounded animals are "unhealthy or untreatable," to make their numbers look closer to "no kill." ("No kill" allows for the euthanasia of "unadoptable" animals.)   In reality, SEAACA is currently euthanizing 52% of all impounded animals. ( Increasing the limits would allow residents to adopt additional animals from the shelter, helping decrease euthanasia.

Allowing for additional animals would also make it more convenient for people moving from outside the jurisdiction of Lakewood, where the limits were higher (since they could not possibly be lower), to move into Lakewood without having to face the possibility of having to give up one of their beloved pets. 

This petition is to respectfully request that the City Council of the City of Lakewood, California reconsider their pet limits to be more consistent with surrounding cities, by either:

  1. Adopting the County of Los Angeles standards of 4 dogs and 5 cats, where all animals must be spayed or neutered; OR
  2. Adopting the city of Long Beach’s standard of a combined limit of four (4) adult animals, of whatever species. 

Additionally, in amending the municipal code, we would ask the city to place the pet limits within the animal section of the municipal code, instead of the zoning area of the municipal code. The limits appear to be in both sections of the code, but are inconsistent and confusing to residents. 

Respectfully submitted, 

The Undersigned Residents of the City of Lakewood, CA


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