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City Council of Commerce City, Colorado: Allow pet potbelly pig "Hammy" to stay in Commerce City, Colorado


We would like for City Council of Commerce City, Colorado to allow beloved pet “Hammey” the potbelly pig to remain living with the Hayes Family. In addition, we would also like for City Council to amend the law and set a more realistic weight for potbelly pigs.

The current law in Commerce City, Colorado states you are allowed to have one potbelly pig who weights 70lbs or less, as determined by city council in 1994. According to the Western Colorado Potbelly Pig Education Health Center, the average size of a full grown adult potbelly pig can weigh up to 140lbs. When animal control was notified about Hammy he weighed about 130lbs. Since working with a vet, Hammy has lost 8 pounds. However, it is not only unrealistic, unhealthy and would be considered animal cruelty for Hammy to weight 70lbs.

The laws regarding ownership of a potbelly pig as a pet is hypocritical considering we do not put a weight limit on our pet dogs. There are numerous breeds such as Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs and Saint Bernards which can weigh between 120lbs to 200lbs, while being at health weight.

The Hayes potbelly pig Hammy is a dearly loved and well cared pet who is a member of their family. It would a huge injustice for Hammy to be removed from their home do to a law that is not only outdated but can pose as a determinant to a potbelly pig.

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