City of Chattanooga: Guarantee equality for your citizens

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Not everyone is equal in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Despite the marriage equality ruling, our LGBTQ neighbors can legally be discriminated against in most areas of daily life and are still not equal.

It's legal to refuse to rent, sell, or give a loan to an LGBTQ person just because of who they are.

It's legal to refuse to serve an LGBTQ person in any place of public accommodation.

It's legal to fire an LGBTQ person, refuse to hire them, or deny them a promotion.

Medical Care
It's legal to refuse to provide counseling services to an LGBTQ person, and legal to deny medical coverage/care.

It's legal to discriminate against students based on their LGBTQ status and local school non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies do not extend to LGBTQ students.

What's the solution?

The City of Chattanooga must pass an Equality Ordinance.

This ordinance will:

  • Reaffirm that existing federal court rulings protecting LGBTQ people apply in our city.
  • Allow LGBTQ people to use existing systems for reporting discrimination and seeking justice.​

Why should the city do this?

Saving lives
Equal rights for LGBTQ citizens can literally save lives.

Think about what your life would be like if you couldn't get a job, find a place to live, or get a good education because of who you are and the way you were born.

One result? Suicide rates due to discrimination are incredibly high in the LGBTQ population. For example, 44% of transgender people have attempted suicide before the age of 24.

A stronger economy
Evidence hows that equal rights for LGBTQ citizens affects the economy of a region.

In areas that have equality, economies are stronger.

When states or cities don't support their LGBTQ population, businesses may choose not to locate there, visit, or even shut their doors and leave. When North Carolina passed an anti-LGBT law, billions of dollars were lost across the state.

We, the undersigned, call upon the City Council of Chattanooga to pass an Equality Ordinance that addresses these issues and guarantees that all citizens of Chattanooga will be regarded as equal under law.