Let the State Farm Building go.

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Allen Brokken
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It is time to let the State Farm demolish their corporate headquarters.  The City Council is looking backwards and not forwards.  The modern workforce Bloomington is trying to attract is more likely to work from home, and only go into the office for team or client meetings.  Modern businesses recognize this and are more likely to build or rent smaller facilities or leverage 3rd party shared spaces, than buy or rent a major facility.The added tax burden of a project like this drives smaller homes and less free money to include the home office in a mortgage.  While Bloomington is considering investing in this antiquated facility, other cities are paying work from home businesses to move to their city.  We are behind the times.  

It was for these very reasons State Farm abandoned the building in favor of other facilities in town that were more conducive to modern workWhy would the City council believe it would fit another business?  The building was constructed and laid out in a way that is not conducive to modern office work.  WiFi signal gets lost, power receptacles are few and far between, it is barely ADA accessible, it doesn't remotely meet modern energy efficiency expectations, shared spaces are small and cramped. These issues are very similar to the ones addressed by ISU when they demolished and rebuilt their dorms.  The building is just NOT right for modern business, period.  The renovation necessary to make it worthy of a modern workforce will never make a return on investment by the city or anyone considering purchasing it. 

While the City Council continues to focus on the past, we are losing the opportunity to focus on problems that are stagnating growth, like our deteriorating roads, excessive personal property taxes, and affordable housing.  It's time to let the building go.