Tivoli Circle & Victory Place as a Blue Star Memorial for Veterans in New Orleans

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During 1807-1810 the New Orleans City Council established the legal name of the street as Tivoli Circle. The name has never been changed. 

In 2020, The New Orleans City Council passed motion M-20-170 to remedy mistreatment of immigrant groups such as Italians by changing street names. That motion did not include renaming streets which honor Italians.  A  recent Op-Ed was published in The Advocate supporting this petition. 

As a result of motion M-20-170, the city council appointed a Street Renaming Commission which has proposed removing Tivoli Circle as the name.  We want to stop that from happening. 

Removing the name of an Italian town known for its gardens would be a continuation of this mistreatment which is known for the 1891 lynching of 11 acquitted Italians in which the mayor played a part. The land inside Tivoli Circle could be named Victory Place and honor the U S military as a Blue & Gold Star Memorial.

There are 80 Blue Star memorials throughout Louisiana. Large cities such as Metairie, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, and Alexandria have beautiful displays honoring our Veterans. ..... Even though New Orleans has a military base, VA hospital, and the National World War II Museum, it does not have a Blue Star Memorial.

We propose that the circle near the World War II Museum be convert to a Blue & Gold Star Memorial. This could star with 8 flags flying as most Blue Star Memorials fly the flags of each Branch of the Military, a POW/MIA Flag, and the American Flag. ... Flags for First Responders, USO, and Blue Star could be added. The Circle is located less than 500 feet from the World War II Museum. At the top, a bronze Folds of Honor flag. 

It is time to modernize the circle to "honor all veterans of all wars." In time statues could be added. It is time to use the circle to educate the public on Gold Star Families, Purple Heart Recipients, Soldiers Missing in Action, and Prisoner of War soldiers. 

It is time to use the circle to educate the public on Gold Star Families, Purple Heart Recipients, Soldiers Missing in Action, and Prisoner of War soldiers.  This modernization should be done quickly as every week, we lose more veterans of WWII. 

There are few remaining Navajo Code Talkers left us. There is a statue for the Code Talkers on Victory Circle. We want to dedicate this project while they are still with us. 

We propose naming the land Victory Place.  Besides statues of all soldiers in multiple races and including women in service, it would list the history of all wars the United States have been involved with.  

For more information www.VictoryCircle.org

In the future the flower pots would be replaced with statues promoting equality by adding statues to the Navajo Code Talkers (7 remain) and the Tuskegee Airmen (estimate 10 remain). 

Over 1,000 other proposals have been submitted, therefore we ask your help in bringing attention this idea to honor Louisiana's 300,000 veterans and all veterans who visit New Orleans.  The Council & Mayor have not announced how they will determine the winning proposal.        WWL-TV Report May 2019

The Tivoli Circle & Victory Plasa proposal has been explained on Jeff Crouere WLAE-TV  

Our proposal is over 50 pages, as it lists all activities for veterans the circle could feature and the history of American Cemeteries and Memorials overseas.  A short video was produced using drone footage. Victory Circle Drone