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Petitioning City of Austin, Texas

City Council Members of Austin: Please Vote FOR Resolution Item 71 That Will Help Casa de Luz Meet City Requirements Stay Open


Please vote FOR Item 71 that will help Casa de Luz meet all city code and zoning requirements to stay open.  We do not wish to speak on this issue.

For 20+ years Casa de Luz has served delicious, organic, vegan meals. More importantly, Casa nourishes connections between the people who eat there.

As a community center, Casa offers a variety of workshops, classes, and events that are good for mind, body, and spirit.

A great place for meeting current friends, and making new friends, Casa is a hub for a wonderful social network of people.

Countless thousands of people benefit from Casa being open. Not just the people who eat and meet there, but people whose lives are touched in a positive way by the Casa community that would otherwise not exist.

Casa de Luz is good for people and good for Austin.

Right now Casa is facing issues that may cause it to shut down. They are willing to address these issues, and greatly appreciate the City of Austin working with them to resolve these issue.

Please sign this petition to send to the Austin City Council Members, Inspectors, and other officials who have the power to help Casa stay open.

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