Closure of the Lethbridge Supervised Consumption Site in its current form

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The Lethbridge Citizens alliance is calling on the Federal Government of Canada to remove the funding, conduct an independent audit, appoint an independent oversight committee, and remove the consumption of illegal narcotics from the Arches Supervised Consumption Site in Lethbridge AB, Canada. 

Lethbridge Citizens Alliance - Mission Statement
We are committed to working in our community to protect the citizens of Lethbridge, our property and our environment from illegal drug-related activity. We see Lethbridge's drug issues increasing alarmingly and we choose to act.
We support the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act governing the use of illegal drugs in Canada.
We believe that every citizen has the right to an environment free from unsafe drug abuse activity and drug-related hazards that may cause personal injury, illness or property damage.
We believe that all our citizens, business owners, government employees and visitors must work together as partners, responsible and accountable for the overall safety of Lethbridge’s citizens, families and, most importantly, its children.
We do not support the Drug Consumption Site that was placed in our City without thought for the terrible consequences that have followed, including increased crime, drug trafficking and prostitution, not to mention the heavy toll on our police services, here in our City. The site needs to be closed or moved to a more suitable location that would also house a treatment compound, We need to do this for our children’s sake.
We will create a safe community for our children and other vulnerable members by promoting an atmosphere of continuous awareness and by pushing for a full 4-pillar (Prevention, Enforcement, Harm Reduction, and Treatment) results-based treatment of drug abuse to stop these drug issues in our City.
We believe in partnerships and relationships and that our working together will return vibrancy, safety and drug-incident freedom to our City.