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Join the movement to bring a public skatepark to Dripping Springs, Texas

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Two years ago I approached Dripping Springs Community Education about offering a skateboarding class in their spring catalog. Thankfully they gave the idea a chance. Since then the program has brought skateboarding to hundreds of kids in DS.

Given the growth of the program I decided it was worth the effort to present our need for a public skatepark (yes a free, public skatepark) in the DS community. On Nov 10, 2014 we presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission stating our case. The good news was that a skatepark was already on the Open Space Master Plan list, but very low, #22 to be exact.

We showed up with 80 people in support of the skatepark idea. Keep in mind there are 10 people that show up to these meetings on a good night. We filled the room and needless to say, the P&R Commission was blown away with the turnout. After that meeting the skatepark priority was raised to #5 on the Open Space Master Plan list. I must stress that we're not asking the City of Dripping Springs for a dime. Our goal is to create awareness and do the fundraising ourselves.

In July, 2015 Mayor Todd Purcell approved the formation of a skatepark committee. The goal of the committee is threefold:

1. Identify potential skatepark location

2. Raise awareness and educate community about the benefits of skateboarding

3. Report back to City Council our findings

As we get prepared to report back to City Council we feel that a petition will go a long ways in showing support for the DS skatepark initiative. Our Fall 2015 class is underway and I can't stress how awesome it is to see these kids overcome all sorts of physical and mental challenges. A skatepark in Dripping Springs would give kids an amazing opportunity to get outdoors, recreate, and socialize.

Thank you for taking the time to read our petition and I hope to see you at the DS Skatepark in the near future!

Rolling forward,
Dennis Baldwin

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