Fix Our Ball Fields - Greater Sudbury

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  1. Years of neglect have left the baseball fields in a hazardous and disgraceful condition.
  2. Sand, instead of an appropriate clay-based material, has been used to fill holes around the plate area.
  3. Lights are on timers that malfunction causing the lights to go out or not turn on during play
  4. The current grass is not level and way too thick for baseball. When cut trimming are left on the field causing a slipping hazard.
  5. Fencing has not been well maintained and now protrudes in many areas and is dangerous.


  1. Spend money on the fields.  Millions of dollars have been spent over the last 5+ years renovating and creating soccer fields.  Use Parks & Recreation reserve funds to fix fields.
  2. Clay-based material is/was used and provided at Terry Fox Field #1.  Why not the other fields in the city?  Legal matters have been issued in years passed about this.  Pay now and fix, save $ on legal fees later.
  3. All it takes is one ball to injure someone as the lights go out during play for a lot of legal $ out the door.  Allow umpires teams access to lights.  All the padlocks are the same key as it is.  Or ensure that timers on these lights do not turn off until 11:30pm each night.  Extra time with lights is much more cost effective than a lawsuit.
  4. Schedule grass-cutting on a more regular basis.  It not available to do so then ensure clippings are picked up or mulched much finer to avoid injury.
  5. Provide funding, rather than continually feed the reserve fund, and annual review of Fencing issues and correct as possible each year.