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Eliminating the breed restrictions (BSL) of New Llano, Louisiana. No pit bulls allowed �

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The small town of New Llano, Louisiana, with a population of 2,504 residents according to their website, has breed specific legislation against pitbulls or anything that looks like them. Before 2016 they have unconstitutionally been enforcing a law against pit bulls. A lawsuit against the town was settled out of court in 2015 benefiting the plaintiff. Here is a link to an article:

In 2016 the town haphazardly revised the legislation in an attempt to coverup previous gaps and loopholes. 

As of now, standard proceedures for the Town of New Llano have been to confiscate any animal they deem to be of pitbull breed origin and board them, at owners expense, and to make the owner provide DNA proof that the animal is not pit, and at owner expense as well. 

The town and it’s representitives have been unlawfully seizing, impounding and euthanizing pitbulls and pitbull mixes in the recent years. Along with that, they have been persecuting and demeaning residents that own pitbulls or ones that are against their views, which should not happen from a professional standpoint as representatives and figureheads of a professional organization and governing body. This inappropriate behavior extends to even informing and encouraging new residents to report pitbulls to them on site. 

Any breed of dog can be aggressive and violent as a result of their upbringing, any professional that deals with dogs will tell you that these kinds of traits are not directly carried in genes. Pitbulls and Staffordshire Terriers were originally bread as nanny dogs because of their natural demeanor.

Pets within city limits should be confined to a securely fenced yard or be on a leash but they should not be outlawed or muzzled because of the dictation and agenda of a few select individuals on the governing board. 

This town has infamously passed legislation without properly and promptly notifying the residents of hearings on this, and other matters in order to drive their own ambitions that predominantly do not coincide with the wishes of the majority of residents. 

With enough signings on this petition, the town will have to organize meetings to start the motion of putting the peoples’ wants and needs first and overturn previous legislation. 



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