Save Washington Grove from damaging construction!

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The City of Rochester is planning major changes that will permanently damage Washington Grove, constructing a permanent 8-foot wide stone roadway to be built right through the center of this landmark natural feature. Since the Grove is one of the few old growth forests in the U.S. contained entirely within a city's boundaries, it is important for us to respond. If we do not, your quiet and beautiful nature experience in the Grove will change forever.

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I am Larry Champoux and I have been one of those tireless volunteers working to keep the Grove natural and safe.  But more importantly, I am a citizen-historian for Cobbs Hill/Washington Grove and champion for expanding access for all kinds of visitors. For more than a decade, I have reviewed thousands of news articles, documents, photos and other artifacts concerning the entire Cobbs Hill area. As such, I have a moral obligation to tell you that this hastily-prepared, faulty plan will have historic, long-term damaging consequences for the park.

Nature walkers, bird watchers, families and small groups will lose much of the intimate quality of the woods if our rustic paths become stone roadways. Even our dogs will no longer have the soft earth under their paws. Plans to increase access for the disabled are woefully incomplete and inadequate. This is not good for any of us.

Building an unnatural roadway requires disruptive construction, destroys native plants, and will attract more bicycles, motorbikes, ATVs and other illegal uses of the park. This will overwhelm the peace and harmony that park visitors cherish. Once we open this floodgate, it will be very difficult to go back.

The City excluded important key stakeholders in making these plans.  Astonishingly, there were NO neighborhood groups on the steering committee, but private businesses and organizations were invited.  All this will make it easier to commercialize the Grove, leaving park users like us with a damaging environmental legacy for generations to come.

Given the City's financial stresses, the Parks Department lacks resources to perpetually maintain whatever changes are made, allowing them to deteriorate into eyesores and greater environmental problems.  That will leave the next generation of neighbors and volunteers to clean up this mess.

BUT WE CAN STOP IT!  Join us to oppose this environmental disaster. Urge the City to stop this damaging project.

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