Treat Our Arterial Streets Equally

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On January 30, 2018, the City of Colorado Springs announced plans for major changes to the configuration of roads in the Old North End.  Their plan reduces the number of travel lanes on Cascade, Weber, and Fontanero from four to two.  Unfortunately, this is a fundamental redistribution of transportation capacity and volume through our neighborhood and poses a high risk of funneling a much larger share of traffic onto North Nevada.  This will have far-reaching implications and likely pose a risk to safety and livability on an already dangerous Nevada Avenue.  The City’s plan is also inconsistent with a basic principle of the Old North End Master Plan that calls for maintaining the historic distribution of road capacity and traffic between all the arterial roads in the neighborhood to ensure a network of roadways.  Recognizing this, the ONEN Board of Directors prepared a Street Safety Plan for the neighborhood that builds upon the City’s plan but fully addresses the street safety issues facing all the roadways in the Old North End and avoids the breach of equity in the City’s Plan.

We, the undersigned, want the City of Colorado Springs to implement fully all items listed in the ONEN Street Safety Proposal which was adopted unanimously by the ONEN Board of Directors on February 21, 2018, so that our entire neighborhood can benefit equally in accordance with the ONEN Master Plan. The City’s Transportation Plan does not go far enough to address adequately the immediate safety concerns on our busiest street, Nevada Avenue. The City’s Plan is incomplete and was developed with input provided by only a small portion of our neighborhood. The City must formally assure the ONEN Neighborhood that it will endorse, adopt, and fully implement the ONEN Street Safety Proposal which was developed by the residents and leaders of our neighborhood.

A copy of the ONEN Street Safety Proposal can be found at: content/uploads/2017/08/ONEN- Street-Safety-Proposal.pdf