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Oil City Police Chief Robert Wenner must be removed from office.

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It's time for Oil City to turn the corner for the positive instead of the worse for a change, while respecting rights, protections and while acting professionally and honorably. The list of grievances include but are not limited to; MILLIONS of tax payer $ used to pay settlements increasing property taxes, violations of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th Amendments, failure to obey oath, steroid use leading to mentally unstable fits of rage, failing to secure cause for warrants he uses CYS to invade homes without a warrant for his target while actually harming the child with no parent to care for it in the aftermath, intimidation of citizens who seek a redress of grievance, spreading information of citizens assassinating their character whom are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty, harassment of innocent citizens, making false charges, using city vehicles for personal use, repeatedly using addicts as informants allowing their use to continue until they OD, the murder of at least 3 citizens under his reign, corruption of office and abuse of power, and more, we have all had our experiences...............Things are exponential for the better or for the worse, choose wisely. One pebble thrown into a pound ripples outward. Doing harm to do good does NOT compute..........A ruined life becomes ruined liveS and a more dangerous person, exponential for the worse. LIFT SOULS UP out of the downward spiral. LIFT THEM UP to have things become exponential for the better..........Make them hit rock bottom is one of the biggest bullshit lines you'll ever hear. You harm it becomes exponential harm. You reach down and lift up it becomes exponential up. Down is exponential down.........Up is exponential up.......down is NOT up, that is the lies of the devil. ............... HAVE THINGS GOTTEN BETTER OR WORSE with his course of action used over the past 2 decades? Do you expect different results while his actions  not only continue but double down ? Patriots stand with the people and Tyrants stand against them, whom do you stand with. Calling on all Veterans and shepherds; there is a tyrant and a wolf in the pasture feasting on our flock of American citizens and their souls are being shipped to the devil.... Jesus was a "law breaker" and the Romans were "just doing their job"... right? WE all need to champion this, make this happen, WE all need to drive this home by sharing and asking all to sign and share and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. FIGHT.  

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