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Allow 18+ into Shreveport Bars and Clubs

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For far too long, Shreveport has had very little for young people to do, especially at night. Bars, venues, and clubs that serve alcohol as their primary source of income are prohibited by the city from admitting 18-20 year olds, even though the state of Louisiana allows it.

Allowing 18+ would be a small step in providing access to culture, nightlife, and the community they may one day be a part of. If New Orleans can do it, if Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Austin can do it, we can too.

Not every bar will choose to lower its age restriction below 21, and they won’t be required to. Nor will 18-20 year olds be able to drink because that’s a state law, not a local one. However, making this option available means we can do two things at once: 1) Show 18-20 year olds that we respect them and want them in Shreveport in one of the same ways every other major city in our region wants and respects them 2) Lift restrictions on businesses allowing nightlife in our city to take hold once again.

18+ doesn’t solve all of the problems of young people leaving or feeling included and still excludes a number of the young people, but it’s one important step in addressing the exodus of young people from our city and provide new entertainment options for a group starved for opportunity to engage in our city’s culture. 

I propose that the Shreveport City Council rewrite Ordinance. No. 118 of 2000, to allow 18+ into bars and clubs and that it become law by the end of the year.

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