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Clean and Maintain Rahway, NJ Train Underpasses

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Many in the Rahway, NJ community are concerned with the state of the Ten (10) underpasses/train trestles in Rahway. Many walk/bike from one part of Rahway to another and, in doing so, must walk/ride under the underpasses.

The following are the ten underpasses and in brackets are the concerns we have that are in need of remediation:

1.      East Hazelwood and Broad Street and the entire length of Broad Street (between Milton and E. Hazelwood) (Unknown white substance on walls, inadequate lighting, and sidewalk needs maintenance – pigeon roosting/pigeon droppings, low wire, and rusted trestle)

2.      Bridge and Main Street (Unknown White Substance growing on walls and distorting the sidewalk, pigeon roosting/droppings)

3.      Emerson Avenue (pigeon droppings)

4.     Cherry Street (Unknown white substances, pigeon droppings)

5.      Irving Street (Unknown white substances on walls and distorting the sidewalk, pigeon droppings and peeling paint on trestle)

6.      Grand Avenue (inadequate lighting, sidewalk needs maintenance)

7.      Scott Avenue

8.      Popular and Main (white substance and pigeon droppings)

9.      St George Avenue (inadequate lightning, pigeon droppings and white substance)

10.  East Milton Avenue (better lightning for passengers that get off the train)

We would like to see the following addressed:

  • Clean and remove the unidentified white substances on the walls and sidewalks. 
  • Clean the pigeon droppings
  • Provide adequate lighting to reduce the potential risk of crimes being committed when residents and/or visitors walk under the trestle in the dark.
  • Address Low Hanging wires


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