Petition Closed

As of right now anyone charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce in Emporia, KS faces a $1,000 fine, and six months in jail, and a minimum of a year on probation. We feel that the current drug laws do not properly represent the community and lead to the ruining of many adolescent and early adult lives. We believe law enforcement should be focusing the majority of their attention on violent offenders or more serious drug offenses such as meth and crack cocaine. We believe it is in the best interest of the community to amend the current laws in relation to marijuana, so that it is not an arrest-able offense, but rather an minor offense deserving of a citation no more than $100 dollars, community service, or drug counseling and education.

Letter to
Mayor of Emporia, KS Bobbi Mlynar
Vice Mayor of Emporia, KS Rob Gilligan
City Commissioner of Emporia, KS Jim Kessler (City Commissioner of Emporia, KS)
and 2 others
City Commissioner of Emporia, KS Joel Phipps (City Commissioner of Emporia, KS)
City Commissioner of Emporia, KS Kevin Nelson (City Commissioner of Emporia, KS)
We believe the laws pertaining to cannabis within our community are antiquated and in much need of amending. We believe as of now the current laws deprive citizens and families of our community financially. We would like to see the police and sheriffs department focus on more serious crimes and less on marijuana paraphernalia and possession. We are asking that you read over our amended version of the current law and consider it at your next Commission Meeting.

"When any law enforcement officer suspects any adult in possession of a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and/or possession of marijuana paraphernalia, that person shall not be required to post bond, suffer arrest, be taken into custody for any purpose nor detained for any reason other than the issuance of a citation. There shall be a strong presumption that the proper disposition of any such case is to suspend the imposition of sentence and/or require community service work and/or drug counseling and education."