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City Chic to include all sizes in store

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City Chic we need to talk.

We love you. You've been our go to for all things plus sized clothing for a while now. We loved you before Asos and Torrid and Boohoo.

You stock size 14-24. That's fabulous! Seeing as how the average Australian woman is a size 16, way to go! 

But, we've got a problem. It seems that a lot of your customers can't shop in store. I know- gasp! You couldn't possibly exclude those you're trying to include right? Well yes, seems you are. You don't stock your size 24 (or xxl) in store. Only online. ONLY ONLINE? 

Not okay. We've heard the excuses. They are  pretty lame to be honest. 

*the store is at capacity carrying the other sizes 

*the xxl sells better online

Really? So not only is there basically zero options (there are some great retailers such as 17Sundays and Harlow but I'm talking brick and mortar franchise type locations that are accessible everywhere) for non grandma looking, fashion forward plus size clothing in Australia. And you're intentionally letting your customers know that no, you won't be catered for in store if you're a size 24. 

Go shop online. Don't get the luxury of seeing get how things fit before you buy them. Don't go out and shop with friends, it's not going to fit (we know that's already a problem!), don't shop for a special last minute outing/date/just because moment. You are enforcing the already well felt discrimination plus size women of Australia already feel. And you're supposed to cater to them, by your own sizing range. It's insane to me that all of your customers bar your largest size can shop as any other woman would, there's no good reason that they shouldn't be able to. 


Reconsider your stance City Chic. 

Include all sizes in store. We still love you, we're just disappointed. 

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