Bring Back Canada's Got Talent

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Canada's Got Talent is an extremely important reality show, because it showcases the arts and culture that this country has to offer. Sadly, it has been off the air for years now. It is time for Canada's Got Talent to come back. Just like how shows like New Zealand's Got Talent, Australia's Got Talent and South Africa's Got Talent have come back from cancellation, as well as the Got Talent shows from Belgium, Bulgaria, and Hungary have come back from cancellation, Canada's Got Talent should also should come back from cancellation. It is time to let Canadians get another chance to showcase their talents. Canada is supposed is to be a land of opportunity and Canadians deserve to have this wonderful opportunity to showcase their arts.

NBC, if City does not accept this petition, then please allow Canadian citizens to audition for America's Got Talent without having to have a US work visa.