Implement Educational Edible Gardens throughout the city and schools.

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Implement Educational Edible Gardens throughout the city and schools.

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Whilst the city and district are leaders in the country, they lag behind in this endeavor found in hundreds of schools and cities throughout the nation. Health in the Park Initiative from BCBS supports active change where there are gaps in our city's health and viable sustainability.

Edible Educational Gardens will save money and can even bring money back into the budget. There are dozens of grants from local to national, private to government funded, to support the initialization and implementation of Garden spaces and technology, as well as curriculum--utilizing MN Ag in the Classroom curriculum provided by the state for k-12, in all subject matters: various Sciences, Math, Technology, Art, History, Civics and Food Security, Social Studies, Health/Nutrition, Physical Education, Business, and FACS-- and utilizing  the current composting efforts of both city and district to be used as fertilizer for these gardens, rather than sending out of the city, will be cost effective to support SLP as a sustainable and viable community and district, on many levels of health and the budgets.

While the efforts of the BCBS Initiative are happening, let our voices be heard. Our selves and our children have a disconnect with nature and the land. Few know how they would feed themselves in a disaster situation, whether job loss or tornado. Many are afflicted by GMO foods and the various illnesses they have created in our time.


LET ST. LOUIS PARK BE A LEADER IN THIS ARENA, keeping their status as a top school district in the nation, and a top city where to live. Grow and teach for Life Skills. If one can feed themself, it allows one to pursue life-with security. Do not give a man a fish, but teach him how to fish... then he will not only survive, but have a chance to thrive!

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