Boycott Citrus & Lemon for partnering with homophobic and transphobic brand ambassadors!

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Citrus and Lemon has recently entered into a paid partnership with Jill Duggar Dillard. In November 2017, her husband, Derick Dillard made public homophobic and transphobic comments attacking Nate Berkus and his family, insinuating that gay people should not be allowed to raise children. He further continued to rant about Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenage girl, and misgender her by repeatedly referring to her as "he", "him" and "his". Refusing to back down with his transphobic attacks directed at Jazz, TLC intervened and fired him from continuing with their show "Counting On". Jill sat by, complacent, not speaking up against her husbands viewpoints and allowed her silence to be interpreted as support for his opinions. Citrus and Lemon now thinks Jill Dillard is an appropriate "reality star" for them to do a paid partnership with. This means Jill gets paid to wear their clothes and make posts on Instagram. Some of her posts are with Derick in the photos and she even includes that Citrus & Lemon clothes are "hubby approved". I don't want anything in my life that is approved by Derick Dillard, and certain not by Jill Dillard either. 

We are all free to believe in whatever we want, but when your expression of your opinions tramples on the freedom and rights of other people, you are in the wrong. Derick could have kept his opinions to himself but instead hurled transphobic insults at a transgender teenage girl who was still a child. We know that members of the LGBTQ community suffer with suicidal thoughts and actions because of the lack of approval they receive from mainstream society. 

No company should be supporting Jill & Derick in any way, not even through a paid sponsorship. To do so suggest that this company is in agreement with their viewpoints about the LGBTQ community. 

This petition calls for Citrus and Lemon to immediately cancel their contract with Jill Dillard as a paid partnership, and to apologize to the LGBTQ community for being so insensitive and cruel in their actions. 



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