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Stop Using Images of Potential Sex Trafficking Victims to Sell Cars

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Every day sex trafficking victims have told me they've been as young as eight years old when they were first sold as objects to people using them for sex against their will. Whether these victims were forced into sex trafficking at the end of a gun, or because they were powerless to say "no" because of being a child, or because of threats, coercion, or even being forced by poverty, men and women are being trafficked and sold as meat every single day. This is not "funny" and should not be put into a car commercial and thus make this look like it's a "joke" or fodder to sell something. We all know that "sex sells" - but what's going in a brothel with trafficking victims is not "sex". It's about power, corruption, greed, and using men, women and children as objects. The objectification of that prostitute in the brothel in this car ad is no different - and it shows that Citroen has no social consciousness about what's going on in the world today where sex trafficking is making more money world-wide than Starbucks or Nike combined according to some studies. Here's the address of where their video is - and it's received over 197 MILLION VIEWS FOLKS!

There's so many other ways they could be using their advertising dollars that would sell cars - and maybe help these victims at the same time if they just put their mind to it. The attached graphic is to a poster showing a man entering into a woman in another ad.  If you email me - I'll send you the whole ad - it didn't fit here.  

That's why we're creating this petition - because we have to start holding people accountable any time we see them promoting images that using another human being in this manner is unacceptable. I'll take your petition and bring it to their attention personally.


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