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Speedup PR Applications Processed by HK Visa Office To Avoid Re-taking Medical Exam

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We, the undersigned, call for swift action by the Immigration Section, Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong to speed up our parents’ immigration applications avoiding retaking Medical Exam for the following reasons:

1. There was a procedure issue which was caused by HongKong office. Our parents have been informed to provide additional documents and do up-front medical exams in Jun 2016. After that, there is no further actions as of Jan 2017 even the medical results are passed. As we know the medical exam is only valid for one-year, there is a high possibility that our parents have to retake medical exam since up-front medical exams will be expired in 5months. Given the current timeline, 5 months is pretty tight for our parents to be prepared for landing Canada such as sending passports for Visa, receiving Visa (it takes 1-2 months to send the passport to Beijing to attach Visa), and landing preparation (it takes around 3months to prepare themselves for leaving China), etc; Without speeding up reviewing process, it is for sure the up-front medical exams will be expired.

2. As we mentioned in point 1, if the office cannot proceed such a large amount of applications at one time, they shouldn’t have asked our parents to do up-front medical exams within 30 days as the date of letter issued. We understand their original intention may want to speed up the process, but the reality is our parents are now in the risk that the up-front medical exam would be expired and they have to take medical exam again.

3. Most of us were born under one child policy, we are eager to reunite with our parents. Current situation is frustrated that our parents may have to re-take medical exam without our assistance. They are getting older and some of them are living in rural area while only a few big cities of China have medical exam centers, they have to travel by themselves by airplane, by train, by bus; Our parents cannot afford such a time and energy consuming process.

4. In general, the applications which were sent to Ottawa office have been proceeded much faster than which were sent to HongKong office. By inquiring my friends and colleagues whose parents’ applications transferred to Ottawa office, most of their parents are already landed in Canada while our parents are still waiting, waiting, and waiting…… waiting for up-front medical exams get expired?

5. Some of us even have been asked to provide Original Birth Certificates from hospital which were not exist for people who were born prior 1996 but Ottawa office doesn’t asked for it. It is unfair as we are all tax payers and Canadian economy contributors, why we have been treated under dual standard and procedures?

All of us would like to raise our concerns and worries. Your attention and time to address those concerns will be much appreciated!!!

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