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Dear To Whom it May Concern at Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

I am writing on behalf of Dafne Cobo Roy who is seeking a student permit in Canada. I have known Ms. Roy for just over three years when we worked at Tartine Bakery together and we immediately struck a friendship. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She is the type of person to cover other people's shift, never turn down extra work, and willing and able to multitask to get things done. If you get to know her, you will find a kind, fun, loving, passionate person who wants the best out of her life and her family's. Her main reason for making changes in her life is to do better for her family--there is no other reason.

I have never referred any of my friends to an employer but I made the exception with Ms. Dafne Roy because she has such a high standard of work ethics I was willing to put my reputation on the line. I am employed by Fairmont Hotels and had no hesitation whatsoever to refer her to work in any department. She successfully passed the rigorous exams and interviews with Fairmont and was hired for where she immediately fit in and made friends with her colleagues.

Dafne is a great person. Getting to know her has made me more aware of and much more grateful for all the things this country has to offer, the greatness of the ways of Canadian people, and the reasons why we are the land of opportunity. She has made me feel even more proud to call myself a Canadian.

When she had to return to Mexico and we were all saddened by this as we were losing a great employee and friend. She loves Canada and wants to return as a student. She truly believes she can make a difference for her family in our country by taking up studies, making friends, and integrating her Mexican culture in our diverse multicultural setting. She has recently been accepted into BCIT's Financial Planning Program.

I know that if Ms. Dafne Roy was once again allowed entry to Canada she would respect all immigration rules and will leave Canada when her studies are complete at BCIT. If she was not permitted to extend her stay after her studies, she would not stay in Canada without the proper permits.

It would be a huge disservice to Canada in not permitting Ms. Roy to return to our country. I would not be willing to write such a letter for anyone and only have the highest regard for Ms. Roy. I truly believe that Dafne deserves an opportunity.


Lisa Hoy

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