Petitioning Citizenship and Immigration Canada "CIC"

Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Neglecting a 92 Year Old Woman in Need!

This 92-year-old woman applied to CIC in 1994:

A current recording states that she should receive a response precisely on October 17, 2001, TWELVE YEARS AGO. A head injury resulting in severe dementia has put her and her family, who are already struggling with the care of a low functioning, severely autistic child, in a position of great grief and suffering. She cannot be sent to a hospital or a home for short or long term care because she does not have OHIP or IFHC from CIC to fund said care. They have forgotten about her file and all attempts to resolve the issue have been treated as an inconvenience and further ignored. Please help us bring justice to this situation!

Facebook page with further information:

Please spread the word and help take care of a woman who's spent her whole life treating others with care.

Letter to
Citizenship and Immigration Canada "CIC"
This 92-year-old woman submitted her application to you in 1994 and her file has been stalled for far too long with no result or any means of communication on your part. Provide the health coverage that she has so long been waiting for, now when she and her family need it most.